Custom or modified rosary orders are always welcome!

I'd love the opportunity to create something unique and special, just for you!

The journey of creating a custom rosary typically involves a few steps.

First, completing the form below and submitting it is the easiest way to let me know you're interested.  You are welcome to call the business line and leave a message (I work in law enforcement full-time, so I can only answer the phone when I happen to be off duty), but the online form will get you the quickest response.

Next, I will either call or email you (whichever you prefer), to discuss the details.  I will then gather up examples of the materials to be used and email you the images to make sure we are on the same page. Once we have settled upon a look, style and budget and you give me the approval to move forward, I usually require a deposit of 30% at this point. This helps to cover the cost of anything that needs to be ordered and also helps to safeguard my time and expenses should you decide to back out of things. Once the rosary is completed, the remaining balance will be due before the rosary is shipped to you.

The total time frame from inception to completion can vary depending upon how many orders I already have in my queue and how long it takes for parts to arrive.  Typically, you should plan for three to four weeks before your order is completed, so plan accordingly.

Please read and complete the inquiry form and I will be in touch with you. 

Completion of the inquiry form is in no way an obligation on your part to make a purchase. It is simply an inquiry.

Thank you for your interest and God bless!