Make This Your Best Lent Yet

Make This Your Best Lent Yet

The Catholic season of Lent, a time of self-reflection, sacrifice, and penance, calls for deep contemplation leading up to Easter Sunday. It beckons individuals to delve deep into the complexities of their spiritual lives, and forge new beginnings by aligning with the teachings of Jesus Christ.

With Septuagesima Sunday now behind us, we enter into the “pre” season of Lent and should be seriously preparing ourselves for the Lenten season. One excellent way to do this is to write a “Bill of Lent”.

A "Bill of Lent" is set of guidelines and personal exercises for fasting, giving up luxuries or behaviors, and fostering spiritual growth through prayer, almsgiving, and other spiritual practices. It may also call for daily devotions or special events, presenting a burst of opportunities for spiritual growth. The purpose of these sacrifices and exercises is to lead individuals on a transformative journey towards God, enabling one to deepen their spiritual lives during the season of Lent.

Cross and Shield offers a free Bill of Lent that you can use to help you prepare for this wonderful time of reflection, sacrifice and spiritual growth. The Bill includes instructions and tips on how to best utilize it so that you can make this your most fruitful Lent yet! Feel free to share it with others. It's my gift to you and if you find value in it, throw me a bone and consider sharing it with others and let them know you got it from Cross and Shield! I'd really appreciate it!

In all things through Christ,


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