February Is Dedicated to the Holy Family

February Is Dedicated to the Holy Family

Paying homage to the revered Holy Family holds a crucial place in the lives of devout Christians. This family unit, comprised of the Virgin Mary, her husband Saint Joseph, and the Lord Jesus Christ, stands as a shining example of pious and virtuous existence for us all to follow.

Their unwavering obedience to the will of God and their ardent love for each other offer a striking illustration of the way in which we should conduct ourselves. The Mother of God, Mary, embodies the epitome of surrendering to God's plan and her undying devotion to her son. Saint Joseph, a righteous man, demonstrates the significance of being a loving and caring spouse and father. And Jesus, our Lord and Savior, instructs us in the essence of unconditional love and sacrifice.

Honoring the Holy Family entails not just a reverential commemoration in our prayers but also a diligent effort to emulate their virtues in our daily lives. Through imitating their humility, obedience, and selflessness, we can nurture our spiritual lives and fortify our relationship with the Almighty.

Moreover, honoring the Holy Family is a manifestation of our affection and gratitude to the Holy Trinity. Mary, Joseph, and Jesus not only hold a prominent place among the saints closest to our Lord, but they also hold a special place in the hearts of Christians worldwide.

As followers of Christ, it is imperative that we honor the Holy Family as an integral aspect of our faith. By replicating their virtues and displaying reverence, we not only come closer to God but also pay tribute to the Holy Trinity. Hence, let us make a conscious attempt to honor the Holy Family in all our thoughts, words, and actions.

So, during the month of February and all months throughout the year, let us give praise and reverence to the epitome of what the model family should look like and strive to imitate it as best we can.


Below you'll find prayers that you may use during the month of February to honor the Holy Family.

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~ The Holy Family ~


Ant. Jesus went down with them, and came to Nazareth, and was subject to them.


V. Blessed are they that dwell in Thy house, O Lord.


R. They shall praise Thee forever and ever.


Let us Pray


O Lord Jesus Christ, Who becoming subject to Mary and Joseph, didst hallow the life of the home by singular virtues, grant by the help of both that we may be instructed by the example of Thy Holy Family, and have fellowship with it forever. Who livest and reignest for all ages of ages. Amen.




O MOST loving Jesus, Who by Thy surpassing virtues and the example of Thy home life didst hallow the household in which Thou didst choose to live while on earth, mercifully look down upon this family, whose members, humbly prostrate before Thee, implore Thy protection. Remember that we are Thine, bound and consecrated to Thee by a special devotion. Protect us in Thy mercy, deliver us from danger, help us in our necessities, and impart to us strength to persevere always in the imitation of Thy Holy Family, so that, by serving Thee and loving Thee faithfully during this mortal life, we may at length give Thee eternal praise in Heaven.

O Mary, dearest Mother, we implore thy assistance, knowing that thy Divine Son will hearken to thy petitions.

And do thou, most glorious patriarch, St. Joseph, help us with thy powerful patronage, and place our petitions in Mary's hands, that she may offer them to Jesus Christ.




Grant us, O Lord Jesus, faithfully to imitate the examples of Thy Holy Family, so that in the hour of our death, in the company of Thy glorious Virgin Mother and St. Joseph, we may deserve to be received by Thee into eternal tabernacles.


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